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Ton Nominators Staking

Welcome to the first opensource decentralized TON staking. The smart contract service guarantees that your coins will be used for validation only. The profit from validation will be shared between the members (nominators).

Why Ton Whales?

Biggest TON pool
Rewards paid
Average Stake
Min deposit
Max deposit
No limits

Whales Staking Pools

NamePool feeStakeMembershipAddress
Testnet Nominators #130%114,602.8OpenkQDV1L...whales
Testnet Nominators #230%102,896.1OpenkQCkXp...whales
We only work with tech brands that use TON for their business. Our partners host servers for validation in their data centers. Whales provide the smart contract code, DAO, for managing commissions and round-the-clock monitoring. Of course, our old pools also work for you, including the first TON pool on a smart contract.
πŸ‘ Health monitoring of our validators (blockchain nodes)


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How it works

To keep the TON blockchain up and running, all transactions performed on it must be confirmed by validators, who are rewarded by the network for their work. To run a validator, you need to set up and maintain your server and freeze at least 350,000 TON ($...).
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We have gathered 122 participants (nominators), who have already put 217,499 TON uniting our efforts to launch and maintain validators, as well as receive rewards from them. All relations between nominators are regulated and protected by the decentralized smart contract we created. Ton Whales team is charging a % from nominators' income, to cover servers and DevOps team costs.
You can monitor the validator's current condition by following this link


Launch your brand pool with Ton Whales

We welcome any brands that use the TON blockchain in their projects (for example, for payments).That’s what Whales team could offer you:
  • stakers (nominators)
  • software
  • consultations on setting up the infrastructure
  • 24/7 monitoring
Commissions and pool settings are fixed in the blockchain agreement (DAO)


How does Whales staking work?

Any transactions in TON blockchain must be confirmed by validators. They provide a server and freeze a certain amount of coins, receiving a reward for this. Ton Whales pools collect users' deposits and use them for validation, distributing the reward between stakers.

Is it safe to stake with Whales?

The smart contract guarantees that your funds will be used only for validation. Another protection is that If you find a flaw that could cause users to lose coins, let us know and receive a reward as part of our Bounty Program.

What are the risks of staking with Whales?

The only risk exists for users who are making a deposit from the exchanges. The contract can't return coins in these case. It is strictly prohibited to make a deposit from custodial wallets (exchanges, telegram wallets, etc.)

How much control does any party have over users’ funds?

Staking pools are created so no one can access user coins except whales' smart contract.

Why do pools lock my TON for 34 hours?

During this time your coins participate in the validation. They are not on the wallet of the staking pool, as they have already been sent to the Elector, and therefore cannot be withdrawn.

Can I top up my staking balance directly from an exchange or telegram bot?

Under no circumstances, don't top-up stacking balance from exchanges accounts or Telegram bots where you have no SEED phrase. We won't be able to refund funds sent in this way!
Address format (UQ)